Starting A Lawn Care Company In Humid Tampa Florida

Some people think we are crazy to live in Tampa Florida. Our summers are extremely hot and humid and yet owning and running a lawn care business is what we do. Our work puts us outside most every single day. There isn’t a single job that would have us working indoors.

We caught up with the owner of one local lawn care company in Tampa and here is what he had to say.

AAP Landscaping Tampa has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2011. Our main focus of service is weekly lawn mowing jobs. Most of our customers are retired or senior citizens so it makes it difficult to maintain a yard all year long.

One of the challenges of living in Florida is grass never stops growing. Sure in the winter months every thing slows down but trees, bushes and grass still grow.. every single day of every year. Our lawn care services do slow down in the winter months but pick up again in early spring. We go from weekly mowing to bi-weekly mowing in the winter.

AAP Landscaping Tampa also offers multiple services, rather than just lawn mowing. JB Bruns, owner and operator of the business has been fixing sprinkler systems long before he started AAP. Sprinkler installations is another service offered but not as much as the sprinkler repairs. Most older businesses and residential locations have a sprinkler system already, most newer homes will hire us to install the system for them. Usually before the house is landscaped.

Being in Florida has its challenges but also its many benefits, other than the weather. Because of the nice weather we can be busy all year long. After the hot and humid summer months we go into yard clean up mode. Usually because most storms are already past us but during the early fall months, people want us to clean up their yards and get them ready for the winter months and early spring. There is nothing worse than leaving a yard looking bad all winter long and having to spend much more time in the spring to make it looking nice again.

If you have any questions for JB Bruns be sure to contact them at their Google Page here or their Facebook page here.

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